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I MEET AN ADEPT                        275
of the gods and knew the deepest spiritual secrets man could never learn.
They prefer to work in silence and secrecy rather than be hampered by the misunderstanding world, and where a public channel must be found, not seldom they send forth their disciples, who thus become foils for the criticism of the ignorant and targets for the barbed arrows of the malicious.
The other man said that he could exchange thoughts with his fellow Adepts at will and at any distance; that an Adept could temporarily use the body of another person—generally a disciple—by a process technically called "over-shadowing," during which he projects his soul into the other's body, that other being perfectly ready and willing and receptive and passive.
"I have been waiting for you here/* he remarked with a slight smile. "You are writing. There is a message to be given to the world. Take it down when I shall give it to you, for it is important. Meanwhile our meeting to-day is but introductory, Mr. Paul Bruntonl"
I drew back with a start. How had he ascertained my name? But, of course, the Adepts were famed for their extraordinary powers of mind-reading, even at a long distance.
"May I know your name, too?" I ventured.
He pursed his lips and looked across the panoramic landscape below the hill. I watched his noble-looking face and waited for an answer.
"Yes, you may," he rejoined at length. "But it is lor your private information alone—not for your writings. I do not want my identity revealed. Call me Ra-Mak-Hotep. Yes, it is an ancient Egyptian name and your Egyptologists can doubtless offer an excellent literal interpretation of the words— but for me it means only one thing: at peace. Egypt is not my home. To-day, the whole world is my home. Asia, Africa, Europe and America—I know all these lands and move through them. I am an Easterner in body only, for in mind I belong to no single country and in heart I belong only to Peace."
He spoke somewhat quickly, forcibly and feelingly, yet it was quite obvious that all his feelings were under perfect control.
For more than an hour we talked of spiritual things, sitting on the hill-top under a sun whose light still glared in one's eyes and whose heat still caressed one closely. Yet I forgot